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Jeffrey Herlings dominates first MXGP moto in France

The Dutchman Jeffrey Herlings has dominated the opening moto of the MXGP class in France. Herlings took the holeshot and never looked back. Clement Desalle was following him in the beginning of the race but after a few laps Herlings started to pull away and won the race with an advantage of five seconds over Desalle.

Antonio Cairoli lost a lot of time to take over third from Glenn Coldenhoff. When he made the pass stick he started to close down the gap to Desalle. In the final lap he tried to pass the Belgian but unfortunately he ran out of time and ended up third.

Tim Gajser came home in fourth place and Glenn Coldenhoff was rounding out the top five.

Results first moto MXGP France:

1Herlings, Jeffrey34:05.232
2Desalle, Clement34:10.892
3Cairoli, Antonio34:11.554
4Gajser, Tim34:32.515
5Coldenhoff, Glenn34:34.072
6Seewer, Jeremy34:34.652
7Febvre, Romain34:36.652
8Paulin, Gautier35:09.207
9Bobryshev, Evgeny35:19.983
10Guillod, Valentin35:21.958
11Simpson, Shaun35:23.084
12Lupino, Alessandro35:23.420
13Nagl, Maximilian35:27.134
14Strijbos, Kevin35:50.865
15Desprey, Maxime34:09.574
16Van Horebeek, Jeremy34:17.004
17Anstie, Max34:20.324
18Aranda, Gregory34:22.921
19Searle, Tommy34:30.455
20Petrov, Petar34:30.802
21Leok, Tanel34:32.483
22Butron, Jose34:54.024
23Irwin, Graeme35:32.916
24Ekerold, Stefan35:34.281
25Gercar, Klemen35:48.915
26Bengtsson, Jonathan35:57.574
27Dercourt, Nicolas36:03.837
28Renkens, Nathan36:06.177
29Hjortmarker, Eddie36:12.456
30Paturel, Benoit19:30.022
31Zecchina, Simone20:36.853
32Valentin, Ander14:09.260