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Thomas Covington from start to finish in first MX2 moto in France

The American Thomas Covington has dominated the opening moto of the MX2 class in France. Covington took the holeshot and never looked back. Behind Covington it was his team mate Thomas Kjer Olsen who came home in second. Jorge Prado crashed in the beginning of the race but charged back from fifth to third. By his passing manoeuvre on Pauls Jonass both riders collided with each other and due to this Jonass lost his rhythm a bit and got a lot of pressure from Henry Jacobi in the following laps. Unfortunately Jacobi crashed a few times in the second part of the race and finished outside of the points.

In the closing stages of the race Prado started to put the pressure on Olsen for second but ran out of time to make a pass stick.

Hunter Lawrence and Ben Watson crashed together on the starting field and had to come back through the field. Lawrence still finished in sixth place and Watson ended up ninth.

Results first moto MX2 France:

1Covington, Thomas35:58.425
2Olsen, Thomas Kjer36:01.998
3Prado, Jorge36:04.335
4Jonass, Pauls36:10.233
5Geerts, Jago36:13.596
6Lawrence, Hunter36:30.138
7Mewse, Conrad36:55.458
8Cervellin, Michele36:59.342
9Watson, Ben37:01.634
10Pootjes, Davy37:08.215
11Bernardini, Samuele37:10.257
12Vlaanderen, Calvin37:11.262
13Larranaga Olano, Iker37:12.548
14Fernandez, Ruben37:35.929
15Furlotti, Simone37:49.620
16Rubini, Stephen38:04.546
17Vaessen, Bas38:20.277
18Van doninck, Brent36:12.284
19Roosiorg, Hardi36:20.843
20Weltin, Marshal36:23.240
21Bourdon, Anthony36:41.304
22Pichon, Zachary37:08.767
23Toriani, Enzo38:02.169
24Jacobi, Henry33:18.760
25Inghilleri , Bastien36:24.666
26Zanotti, Andrea30:58.584
27Gilbert, Josh9:47.048
28Gole, Anton5:31.596