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Jeffrey Herlings digs deep to win the Indonesian Grand Prix

Jeffrey Herlings of the Red Bull KTM Factory team has won the Grand Prix of Indonesia. Herlings stormed into the lead in the second moto and managed to make a gap of 3 seconds in the beginning of the race. Due to a crash of Cairoli where he injured his thumb the gap became around eighth seconds.

During the race Cairoli started to close down the gap to Herlings and with two laps to go he found the rear wheel of the Dutchman. Soon after Herlings made a crash and it looked like he had thrown it away but in the same lap it was Cairoli who crashed as well. Herlings took over the lead and held on to win the race in front of Cairoli, Romain Febvre, Tim Gajser and Glenn Coldenhoff.

After twelve rounds Herlings is leading the championship with an advantage of 12 points over Cairoli.

Second moto MXGP:

1Herlings, Jeffrey34:59.818
2Cairoli, Antonio35:09.237
3Febvre, Romain35:38.593
4Gajser, Tim35:42.871
5Coldenhoff, Glenn35:44.363
6Anstie, Max35:47.540
7Paulin, Gautier36:02.457
8Desalle, Clement36:10.730
9Bobryshev, Evgeny36:16.750
10Seewer, Jeremy36:17.878
11Lupino, Alessandro36:18.312
12Searle, Tommy36:37.080
13Nagl, Maximilian36:38.080
14Waters, Todd36:51.308
15Van Horebeek, Jeremy35:12.575
16Lieber, Julien35:31.930
17Guillod, Valentin35:41.773
18Strijbos, Kevin35:57.515
19Simpson, Shaun36:56.517
20Stewart, Lewis35:49.704
21Sondakh, Andre35:56.075
22Jasikonis, Arminas29:25.571
23Hanif Kusparwanto, Rizky35:11.298
24Hendro, Farhan35:08.057
25Lazaroni, Aldi7:03.273


Overall MXGP:

1Herlings, Jeffrey47
2Cairoli, Antonio47
3Febvre, Romain36
4Gajser, Tim36
5Desalle, Clement33
6Coldenhoff, Glenn30
7Paulin, Gautier29
8Anstie, Max25
9Bobryshev, Evgeny24
10Seewer, Jeremy24
11Lupino, Alessandro18
12Van Horebeek, Jeremy17
13Searle, Tommy14
14Lieber, Julien14
15Waters, Todd13
16Guillod, Valentin11
17Nagl, Maximilian8
18Strijbos, Kevin7
19Simpson, Shaun5
20Stewart, Lewis3
21Sondakh, Andre1
22Jasikonis, Arminas0
23Hanif Kusparwanto, Rizky0
24Hendro, Farhan0
25Lazaroni, Aldi0


World Championship Standings MXGP:

1Herlings, J.533
2Cairoli, A.521
3Desalle, C.407
4Febvre, Romain390
5Gajser, Tim368
6Paulin, G.363
7Coldenhoff, G.319
8Seewer, Jeremy279
9Van Horebeek, J.257
10Nagl, M.211
11Bobryshev, E.207
12Anstie, Max185
13Lieber, Julien176
14Lupino, A.169
15Strijbos, K.135
16Simpson, Shaun111
17Jasikonis, A.111
18Desprey, M.89
19Searle, Tommy84
20Leok, Tanel65
21Butron, Jose64
22Guillod, V.54
23Paturel, B.40
24Petrov, Petar36
25Monticelli, I.35
26Irwin, Graeme27
27Kullas, Harri15
28Waters, Todd14
29Valentin, A.8
30de Dycker, Ken5
31Salazar, Jetro5
32Kahro, Erki5
33Bengtsson, F.3
34Ekerold, S.3
35Aranda, G.3
36Stewart, L.3
37Alberto, Paulo2
38Sondakh, Andre1
39Van der Mierden, S.1