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Kay Karssemakers and Mathéo Miot to KTM Diga Junior Racing

KTM Diga Junior Racing presented its two new riders, the Dutchman Kay Karssemakers and the Frenchman Mathéo Miot, at the TT Circuit in Assen yesterday. For Karssemakers the announcement of his new agreement was the icing on the cake because the 14-year-old from Boxtel made a solid EMX125 debut this weekend.

With the addition of Miot and Karssemakers, the Belgian team fields a strong four-rider lineup for the EMX series. Emil Weckman and Mathéo Miot will contest the EMX250 championship. In 2019, the experienced Emil Jönrup will pair ‘rookie’ Karssemakers in EMX125.

Both Karssemakers and Miot are known as promising young riders. In 2015, Kay took the junior world title in the 65cc category, the past two edition the fourfold Dutch champion added two more bronze medals in the 85cc junior world championship to his tally.

The 16-year-old Miot lives just across the border with Belgium and has been racing in Belgium regularly. This season Mathéo placed third in the competitive French 125cc series. He finished his EMX-125 career overall but showed his speed with a second place in the second moto of the French European 125cc round.

Both Karssemakers and Miot concluded a multi-year agreement with KTM Diga Junior Racing.

Kay Karssemakers: “This is certainly a nice challenge, moving to a new class and a new team for next year. It’s awesome to be able to take the next step towards a professional career in motocross. Especially because with KTM Diga Junior Racing I will actually be racing for a ‘local’ team! I live only half an hour from the workshop on the other side of the border. The fact that I will be riding together with my team mates in practice is nice too. I’m really looking forward to 2019! ”

Matheo Miot: “The organization of the team, the infrastructure, their experience and support… The whole setup just feels right. I am very keen because it is an exciting new development for me. Next year I will not only make the switch to the EMX250, I will also move to Alken to live and train in. Because I live just across the French border, I expect few problems to adjust. My first year 250’s is probably be going to be a learning year but I know that I’ll have the right people around me at KTM Diga Junior Racing.”

Dirk Saelen, team manager KTM Diga Junior Racing: “For next year we’ve chosen young, high potentials. Kay (Karssemakers) and Mathéo (Miot) have already achieved some strong results. Still, it’s only early days in their career and there is definitely a lot of room for improvement. We are also happy that we have a ‘local’ rider with Kay! Of course, KTM Diga Junior Racing is a very international team, nevertheless it’s cool speak the same language. Actually, we have been following Mathéo for a while, but the timing was never right until now. Thanks to the introduction of a mutual sponsor, things fell into place quickly this year. I am not only enthusiastic about riding qualities of Miot and Karssemakers, their presence will certainly boost the group dynamics with Weckman and Jönrup too!”