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Pauls Jonass rounded out the MXGP of Russia with seventh overall following two strong and mistake-free performances. A former MX2 class winner at the Orlynok circuit, Jonass was quick to gel with the track’s hard-packed surface and following a good start and several early lap passes moved into fifth on lap three. Holding the position for eight laps, he dropped to eighth for three laps before his perseverance paid off and he moved into his eventual finishing position of seventh, two laps from the end of the race.

Following another good start Jonass held sixth for five high-paced laps at the start of the second moto before settling into seventh for the majority of the race. Pushing hard to the finish the former MX2 World Champion picked up one place with three laps to go when he passed early race leader Glenn Coldenhoff to take sixth.

Unfortunately, not having the best of GPs Arminas Jasikonis was unable to finish higher than 10th overall. Struggling to gel with the Russian track, the tall FC 450 rider finished ninth in the first race before placing 11th in the second moto. Jasikonis still sits fifth in the MXGP championship standings, just eight points from fourth.

The Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing team will next be in action at round nine of the FIM Motocross World Championship, the MXGP of Latvia, on June 16.

Pauls Jonass: “I was looking forward to coming here to Russia because I won a couple times in MX2, so I have good memories. I felt good on the track all weekend, my speed was where I wanted it to be. The track is super-fast and slick and hard to make a lot of time up, so when everyone is pushing hard it’s easy for mistakes to happen. I guess I tried to be aggressive but sensible at the start of both races. I didn’t get the best of starts, but they weren’t bad either. I made some good, quick passes and was pleased to be running in fifth for several laps in the opening moto. But I felt like the second moto was better – I kept fighting to finish sixth, which was a great way to end the GP.”

Arminas Jasikonis: “Not the GP I was hoping for at all and I wasn’t riding like I can or should have been. I don’t know why but I couldn’t find a good rhythm with the track, which meant that I was riding too hard, being too physical, in both races. Because I was riding too physically, I really felt the heat in the second moto. I gave my all but not at all what I wanted, but racing can be like this sometimes. We move on to the next GP and look to do better.”

Results – 2019 FIM Motocross World Championship, Round 8

MXGP – Overall
1. Tim Gajser (Honda) 50 points; 2. Arnaud Tonus (Yamaha) 44; 3. Jeremy Seewer (Yamaha) 36… 7. Pauls Jonass (Husqvarna) 29; 10. Arminas Jasikonis (Husqvarna) 22; 20. Tanel Leok (Husqvarna) 4

MXGP – Race 1 1. Tim Gajser (Honda) 34:40.798 21 laps; 2. Arnaud Tonus (Yamaha) 34:43.515; 3. Romain Febvre (Yamaha) 35:10.452… 7. Pauls Jonass (Husqvarna) 35:22.853; 9. Arminas Jasikonis (Husqvarna) 35:25.162; 18. Tanel Leok (Husqvarna) 36:22.525; 21. Evgeny Mikhaylov (Husqvarna) 35:08.178 (20 laps)

MXGP – Race 2 1. Tim Gajser (Honda) 33:31.603 20 laps; 2. Arnaud Tonus (Yamaha) 33:36.617; 3. Jeremy Seewer (Yamaha) 33:41:513… 6. Pauls Jonas (Husqvarna) 33:50.389; 11. Arminas Jasikonis (Husqvarna) 34:00.091; 20. Tanel Leok (Husqvarna) 34:38.515; 22. Evgeny Mikhaylov (Husqvarna) 33:57.098 19 laps;

MX2 – Overall 1. Jorge Prado (KTM) 50 points; 2. Thomas Kjer Olsen 44; 3. Jago Geerts (Yamaha) 40… 10. Jed Beaton (Husqvarna) 23; 14. Dylan Walsh (Husqvarna) 12; 18. Alvin Ostlund (Husqvarna) 10…

MX2 – Race 1 1. Jorge Prado (KTM) 34:13.145 20 laps; 2. Thomas Kjer Olsen (Husqvarna) 34:14.394; 3. Jago Geerts (Yamaha) 34:15.929… 12. Jed Beaton (Husqvarna) 35:03.583; 15. Alvin Ostlund (Husqvarna) 35:07.974; 17. Dylan Walsh (Husqvarna) 35:20.285; 22. Enzo Toriani (Husqvarna) 35:45.498

MX2 – Race 2 1. Jorge Prado (KTM) 34:12.435 20 laps; 2. Thomas Kjer Olsen (Husqvarna) 34:17.084; 3. Jago Geerts (Yamaha) 34:17.755… 7. Jed Beaton (Husqvarna) 34:50.163; 13. Dylan Walsh (Husqvarna) 35:13.955; 17. Alvin Ostlund (Husqvarna) 35:35.276; 22. Enzo Toriani (Husqvarna) 34:14.628 19 laps; 23. Davy Pootjes (Husqvarna) 34:15.875

Championship Standings – After Round 8

MXGP 1. Tim Gajser (Honda) 351 points; 2. Antonio Cairoli (KTM) 338; 3. Gautier Paulin (Yamaha) 231… 5. Arminas Jasikonis (Husqvarna) 212; 11. Pauls Jonass (Husqvarna) 167; 19. Tanel Leok (Husqvarna) 69

MX2 1. Jorge Prado (KTM) 347 points; 2. Thomas Kjer Olsen (Husqvarna) 327; Jago Geerts (Yamaha) 257… 9. Davy Pootjes (Husqvarna); 14. Jed Beaton (Husqvarna) 110; 16. Alvin Ostlund (Husqvarna) 81; 17. Dylan Walsh (Husqvarna) 71