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November 15, 2019

Pellegrini and Tapia win Motolive Eicma Supercross in Milan

Second day of races in the Motolive area of Eicma 2019, with the EX-BIKE protagonist of the scene. Inside the spectacular racing area of EICMA, the new class of the two wheels sport, the EX-BIKE, with the Motolive CUP that started on the track inside the arena. Also the motorbikes went on track, with the four classes of the Internazionali d’Italia Supercross by 24MX. The SX Junior 85, SX Junior 125, SX Lites and Supercross run beautiful races creating beautiful brawls. The day ended with the second incredible Buggy Flip performed by Maurizio “Pera” Perin, who this time jumped together with the Daboot team freestylers, putting on stage a new and spectacular scenery in the clear sky of the seventy-seventh Eicma.

Alessandro Gaspari

SX Junior 85

n the 85cc two-stroke race dominion of Alessandro Gaspari; the Fiamme Oro rider, took the lead in the Main Event, winning the Tissot Hole-Shot Award and clinching the victory after the ten laps of the race, ahead of Patrick Busatto and Lorenzo Aglietti. In the standings, Gaspari that already won the first round, is first.

Rodolfo Bicalho

Tissot Hole-Shot Award for Luca Ruffini in the Main Event of the 125cc two-stroke race, however, the young KTM rider loose the position after 3 laps to the Brazilian Rodolfo Bicalho who increases his lead in few laps and flies towards victory, while behind him Ruffini, Emanuel Pasotti and Tiberio Mazzantini had an exciting battle for the two remaining positions on the podium, with Mazzantini winning the second final place over Ruffini, third at the end of the thirteen laps of the race. In the standings Manuel Bersini, winner of the first round, lead by 1 point Pasotti and by 7 Bicalho.

Filippo Zonta

SX Lites

It is Lorenzo Camporese who takes the head of the race in the Main Event of the SX Lites class, the Kawasaki rider lead for three laps on Federico Tuani who at the fourth lap takes the lead of the race, holding it up to two laps till Filippo Zonta hooks it and overtook him after a good comeback, recovering 6 positions and crossing the finish line first, ahead of Tuani and Raffaele Giuzio, with Camporese fifth under the checkered flag but still first in the standings, despite the injury that slowed him down today.


Superb race for Angelo Pellegrini in the Supercross premier class, the Italian rider takes the lead of the group at the second corner after a not perfect start and imposes his rhythm until the last lap, crossing the finish line over Morgan Lesiardo second. Third on the podium of the Main Event the American Tevin Tapia. In the standings Pellegrini lead with a full score with 40 points and precedes Khounsith Vongsana (23) and Morgan Lesiardo (16).

Podio Superfinale


In Superfinal is Emanuele Alberio who take the lead at the second corner leading on Stefano Dami and Tevin Tapia while a little further back Morgan Lesiardo crash and Angelo Pellegrini is stretched by Caleb Grothues. Lesiardo promptly restarts and throws himself in pursuit of the race lead, while the other two riders resume the race from late very late. In front is the American Tapia that take the lead, followed by Filippo Zonta. The American controls to the finish line and win the Superfinal, on an unleashed Lesiardo incredibly second and Zonta, while Pellegrini is tenth under the checkered flag.


wo categories competed in the EX-Bike final. In the EX1 class the German athlete Marco Fleissig achieved the victory, winning a thrilling duel that lasted seven laps, with the Italian Roberto Fabbri, first until the last lap; third the other German, Mark Scheo. In the EX Open class, Stefano Bascialla won, first ahead of Loris Vannucci.

See you tomorrow with the third and final day in the external area of the fair, with the final races of the Internazionali d’Italia Supercross by 24MX and the proclamation of the “Moto of the year” by Motociclismo which will be announced at 2.35pm from the stage of Motolive.


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