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November 15, 2019

Ryan Breece and Paul Haberland winners at Stuttgart

Ryan Breece and Paul Haberland have won the ADAC Supercross in Stuttgart. Breece took the win in the 450 class in front of Carlen Gardner and Matt Goerke. Charles LeFrancois, who won on Friday, came home in fourth which gave him second overall. Boris Maillard rounded out the top five!

In the SX2 class home rider Paul Haberland took the win in the main event which gave him the overall win as well.

Prol Xurxo and Dare Demartile were finishing in second and third.

Tyler Bowers and Matt Goerke crashed at the start of the main event and due to this there came a restart. Goerke managed to finish third but Bowers had problems and wasn’t able to ride like he normally does and finished in the back of the field.


1. Ryan Breece  (USA , YAM), 
2. Carlen Gardener  (USA , HON), +1.684
3. Matt Goerke  (USA , KAW), +3.370
4. Charles Lefrancois  (FRA, SUZ), +10.147
5. Boris Maillard  (FRA, SUZ), +13.107
6. Dylan Merriam  (USA , YAM), +24.151
7. Filip Neugebauer  (CZE, KAW), +29.756
8. Julien Lebau  (FRA, KAW), +1 Rnd.
9. Justin Starling  (USA , SUZ), +1 Rnd.
10. Tyler Bowers  (USA , KAW), +1 Rnd.
11. Jack Brunell  (GBR, KTM), +2 Rnd.
12. Mike Alessi  (USA , HON)


1. Paul Haberland  (GER, HON), 
2. Prol Ormeno Xurxo  (ESP, HUS), +2.248
3. Dare Demartile  (USA , HON), +6.915
4. Deegan Von Lossberg  (USA , YAM), +7.694
5. Lance Kobusch  (USA , KAW), +9.782
6. Jimmy Clochet  (FRA, KAW), +12.377
7. Clément Briatte  (FRA, KAW), +16.104
8. Dylan Woodcock  (GBR, KAW), +17.729
9. Kevin Cattani  (ITA, HUS), +21.935
10. Gabriel Chetnicki  (POL, SUZ), +27.969
11. Hakon Frederiksen  (NOR, YAM), +1 Rnd.
12. Kevin Moranz  (USA , SUZ), +4 Rnd.

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