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NPC & AlphaLive Partner up for Live Streaming

We are pleased to announce that AlphaLive will become our streaming partner for 2024. The AlphaLive team will produce all six events in the UK. The NCP and AlphaLive teams have already spent time at Oakhangar testing connections with the new Starlink setup, which has been a fantastic success. From the start, NCP (Nora Pro Championship) required a quality production to make the event as professional as possible, as we seek to give British Motocross the new level of quality that it deserves.

Early talks with Ryan and Darren were vital to their understanding of our requirements and what we aim to achieve as a championship. We wanted to offer something other than the nine races live streamed to people sitting at home, and that’s it. SupercrossLive and MXGP are the benchmarks, and they provide viewers with great content and entertainment throughout the day and carry on producing after the event; this is what the NPC want to offer.

The media team will interview teams and riders behind the scenes running up to the events. The teams and riders are the show; they are the ones who have to deliver for their partners who make it possible for them to be on the line. For this ecosystem to work, we must maximise their exposure.

To do this, we will have an abundance of media products at every round to support this, including:

  • NPC Paddock Show
  • NPC Highlights
  • NPC MultiCam Replay
  • NPC Race Replays
  • Pit Reporting

Every round this year, there will be a massive TV screen where all the racing will be shown live, including holeshot replays, crashes, passes, and other pinnacle moments. There will be a lot of eyes across the globe on this series. We intend to work with media partners to stream the series live across Facebook and YouTube.

We have a complete media list that will be released a week before the first round, as we’re keen to offer up a few surprises.

James Burfield – NPC Marketing Manager

From the first moment I met Clinton and the NPC team, it was evident that the level of this series was going to be high. I was hooked when I listened to the work the team was prepared to put into British Motocross using their own money and time. I’m proud to be part of a group of people who are aligned to give back without taking out, with the sole intention of building a platform for the next generation. One of the main objectives of the NPC team was to make sure the Live streaming was the best out there. AlphaLive has the knowledge and experience to deliver precisely what we were asking for, and their can-do attitude on working on new ideas swayed us over everyone else. Their presentation and approach won the team over, and we are excited to get to round one and show UK motocross to the World.