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Guarneri en Salvini coordinatoren binnen Fantic Racing

De EX Grand Prix-rijders Davide Guarneri en Alex Salvini hebben binnen Fantic Racing een nieuwe functie aangenomen. Beiden zullen als coordinatoren aan de slag gaan.

Guarneri zal actief zijn binnen de motorcross terwijl Salvini het enduro gedeelte voor zijn rekening zal nemen.

Beide oud rijders hebben een schat aan ervaring en kunnen het merk zeker verder brengen in de motorsport.

Lees hieronder het uitgebrachte persbericht:


Davide Guarneri and Alex Salvini take on a new role in Fantic Racing


Fantic names Davide Guarneri and Alex Salvini as Supervisors of the brand’s Factory Racing Teams, with Guarneri focusing on Motocross and Salvini on Enduro. 

Mariano Roman, CEO Fantic Motor SpA

“We are delighted to be able to benefit from the experience and know-how that both Davide Guarneri and Alex Salvini gained over many years at the highest level of the sport. Already linked to Fantic as test riders, this new role will enable them to make an even more valuable contribution to support our teams, official riders and the whole racing department. Passion and expertise will be Fantic Racing’s winning features in the years to come.”

Davide Guarneri, Supervisor Motocross Teams

“This new position brings new excitement and a new challenge for me. After having spent so many years of my career in the Motocross World Championship I am back in the paddock, not as a rider anymore but in a new role that makes me proud and motivates me a lot. I will try my best to support Fantic and its racing efforts on all levels, starting from the 125 category all the way up to the MXGP class. We have already seen the first results and we will try to be consistent and gradually improve over the course of the season.”

Alex Salvini, Supervisor Enduro Teams

“I am very happy about this new role. It’s a new position for me to be in where I will try to use all my experience to support our teams and riders. The relationship with them is great, Simone Albergoni used to be my teammate in the past and Antonio ‘Tony’ Specia has worked as my technician for several years, we also won the World Championship together in 2013. I hope this can be a good base that allows us to accomplish important results at the Enduro World Championship as well as at the Assoluti d’Italia, following up the success that Fantic has already enjoyed in recent years.”