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Cobra Motorcycles Roars into Europe

Known for high-performance and stylish designs, Cobra aims to redefine the European motorcycling experience with its distinctive machines, promising an exhilarating ride for enthusiasts across the region.


Bud Maimone’s frustration with the 50cc class bike options in the early ’90s led to the establishment of Cobra Moto, which, despite initial controversies, evolved into a dominant force in minicycle racing.

Cobra Moto, based in Hillsdale, Michigan since 2006, became an emblem of innovation and agility by concentrating on in-house design and manufacturing, launching the careers of renowned racers like Millsaps, Baggett, and Tomac.

Exploring the Latest Motorcycle Models

Our three models offer the most competitive performance in the mini category, with Cobras claiming more than 300 national titles since the company was founded in 1993.

Cobra’s dedication shines through in the meticulous craftsmanship of models like CX65, CX50FWE, CX50SR, CX50JR, and CX50E, setting new benchmarks for performance on both European roads and tracks.

The Engine

Cobra formulates and emphasises the competitive advantages of their engine in multiple ways. Their commitment to innovation is crucial in achieving the exceptional competitive edge of their engine. With significant technological advancements and innovations such as the patent-protected two-piece cylinder and the direct-acting computer-controlled power valve, their engine stands out at the technological forefront.

These achievements have received approval both in the market and within the motorcycle media. Every test rider unanimously agreed that the CX65 runs like a scalded cat. The engine is the testers’ favorite attribute of the bike. The engine has a strong start at lower RPMs and consistently pulls through the entire range. Power truly spikes when the electronic power valve opens, creating a strong surge towards the top.

Those looking forward to what’s next can trust Cobra’s dedication to quality, which guarantees high performance, simple upkeep, and attractive designs in their products. Cobra Moto is paving the way for future innovation with its commitment to excellence.

In the past twenty years, Cobra has refined its skills, going beyond just assembling bikes by creating most components internally. This approach allows for more innovation and adaptability, putting Cobra at the forefront of the industry.

Elite Racing Program

In the 50cc, 65cc, and Micro-E classes, Cobra Factory Racing, fueled by Cobra motorcycles, sets new track benchmarks. This dynamic synergy and cutting-edge technology create a force pushing the limits of performance.

Beyond the track, Cobra Factory Racing is a family, fostering camaraderie and sportsmanship. Supported by Cobra Moto, these young talents receive guidance for their racing journey, witnessing the rise of a new generation of motocross champions.

Cobra Moto Europe will soon launch a parallel program, extending Cobra Factory Racing’s success globally. This expansion reaffirms Cobra Moto’s commitment to shaping the future of motocross racing on both sides of the Atlantic.

Key Drivers Behind the Rise of Distribution in Europe

Cobra Motorcycles takes an innovative approach to distributing its products in the European market, placing the entire brand distribution responsibility in the hands of Alfateh in Germany.

This exclusive strategy ensures consistency, efficient service, and a unique brand experience across the continent, solidifying Cobra’s significance on European roads.

As Cobra Motorcycles enters the European market, it signifies a paradigm shift in motorcycle culture, focusing on unparalleled performance and rider individuality to establish a new standard for premium motorcycles in Europe, leaving a distinctive mark on roads throughout the continent.

Whether exploring their American DNA, powerful engines, or exclusive distribution strategy, contacting Cobra Motorcycles through various channels will provide the information and assistance needed.

For more information about these exceptional bikes and to witness Cobra’s dedication, contact them via email at info@cobramoto.eu or explore their official website at www.cobramoto.eu.